Draw for our heroes

Draw for our heroes

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The unflagging dedication shown by caregivers for weeks has encouraged us all to get involved in helping them fight disease every day. In these unique circumstances, FRED is implementing an action plan for solidarity by donating 20% of its online sales to Visors of Hope until May 31 in addition to the initial donation, which has already financed more than 1,500 visors.

They are our everyday heroes, the doctors, nurses, carers, intensive-care teams and all those making superhuman efforts daily to help the sick. Inspired by the gears and outfits of the superheroes, the Maison has chosen to support the ‘Les Visières de L’espoir’ (‘Visors of Hope’) initiative (www.3dnatives.com/urgence-covid19/). Launched some weeks ago in response to the urgency of the situation, the operation aims to use 3D printing to produce, as quickly as possible, high-protection visors covering the entire face for hospital staff.Designed to withstand sterilisation and thus be reusable, they form a vital addition to protective equipment like gloves, surgical masks, coats and overalls. Thanks to this donation, the first visors were delivered earlier this week to Parisian hospitals for distribution as needed.

In addition to producing masks and visors, FRED wants to celebrate everyday superheroes through drawing, an artistic means of expression with close links to the jewellery house. In tribute to the entire medical profession, FRED is inviting everyone to send us a drawing to support these masked superheroes, accompanied by the hashtag #drawforourheroes and the handle @fredjewelry. From today and every evening at 8 pm in France, when applause breaks out to thank and encourage these superheroes, FRED will repost one of these drawings on its Instagram page.

To take part in #drawforourheroes:
- Draw something cheerful to support the medical staff.
- Take a photo of it.
- Send us your drawings via our @FredJewelry Instagram account using the hashtag #DrawForOurHeroes
- We’ll share some of your drawings in FRED's Instgram stories!
- Share them with your friends.

If you would like your drawings to be used in one of our stories or as for a collective work, you can also send us your drawings by email to: drawforourheroes@fred.fr with the following text:
"I exclusively assign FRED Paris my copyright for the attached drawing, including rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation (especially for insertion into another work) for the whole world and for the entire duration of the copyright, for the purposes of operation "Draw for our Heroes". I also authorise FRED Paris to use and reproduce my first name in connection with any reproduction or representation of my drawing as part of this activity."