Fred & Special Olympics*

Fred & Special Olympics*

If sporting values are very much part of the Force 10’s DNA, they also have an unrivalled capacity to bring people together. To celebrate this universal affinity, FRED is joining forces with Special Olympics France, Special Olympics Nippon (Japan) and Special Olympics East Asia.

Founded in 1968, this not-for-profit organisation unites over 5 million athletes in 193 countries. The first organization to provide sports opportunities to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. It enjoys the support of many leading international athletes such as the Japanese Marathon runner and Olympic champion Yuko Arimori, the French swimmer and Olympic champion Alain Bernard, and the Chinese gymnast and Olympic champion Li Xiaopeng.
Today, FRED is launching a new Force 10 buckle, for the first time in steel, from which a part of its sales will be donated to the Special Olympics organisation.

On its side is engraved #gobeyond, capturing the strength and willpower displayed every day by athletes. In a nod to the new decade, this is a limited edition of 2,020 pieces available exclusively via, FRED’s T-Mall ecommerce site and the FRED WeChat store.

With #gobeyond and its support for the Special Olympics organisation*, FRED is encouraging people to ask themselves what pushes them to excel. Perseverance, a shared love of sport and the primacy of the team over the individual: these are just some of the hope-filled responses elicited by this partnership between FRED and Special Olympics*.

To accompany this buckle, and all others in the collection, a new range of ‘emblem’ cables is joining the Force 10 family. Bearing the colours of some sporting nations, they lend added resonance to the wonderfully universal appeal of sporting values.

*Special Olympics France, Special Olympics Nippon (Japan) and Special Olympics East Asia