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One of the Maison’s signature pieces, the Force 10 bracelet was created in 1966 and reflects contemporary fashion as much as and the maritime and sporting influences behind its inception.

This surprise encounter of a woven steel sailing cable with a gold buckle goes beyond jewellery, having come to symbolise a sense of freedom, achievement, courage and casual elegance.

Like a flotilla of yachts blown along by the breeze, Force 10’s multiplicity of shapes and sizes, vibrant colours, ability to mix and match, and interchangeable design make it synonymous with a bold, positive style of jewellery.

To wear Force 10 is to move forward through life with resolve, style and daring.

The “Atelier FRED” lets Force 10 wearers experience the ultimate in personalised jewellery, expressing their unique personality and identity with a bespoke piece created to their own taste.