Force 10 XL

Force 10 XL

A symbol of courage, power and self-improvement, the new Force 10 bracelet pushes the boundaries of design. For the first time, its shackle takes on an XL format, supported by a steel or gold cable. A stylistic choice that affirms FRED's creative audacity and gives its iconic bracelet a strong, assumed masculinity.

Designed in white, yellow, or pink gold, on a steel, yellow, or pink gold cable, the Force 10 XL bracelet is interchangeable, taking on its original two-tone, two-material signature as desired. Playing with codes and styles, it is also open to mix and match with the other lines in the Force 10 collection.

Force 10 XL is the ultimate expression of the values embodied by Force 10: determination, audacity and strength of character. Its masculine lines fit as naturally on the wrists of both men and women, thus playing on a resolutely mixed design that has been celebrated as such for 55 years.

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