Unrivalled creativity and expertise allied to virtuosity in setting and lacquering.

These define the Maison FRED’s vision of jewellery, blending exquisite craftsmanship with sense of style, as seen in its bold, adaptable tiaras which the wearer can transform with a pendant or earrings.

Demonstrating a command of the jeweller’s traditional skills since its origins, the Maison’s craftsmen are continually adding to their expertise, inventing new techniques and developing ingenious designs that redefine the possible.

Maison FRED believes contemporary relevance lies in cultivating one’s heritage and artistic legacy while looking firmly forward to the future.

The jewellery Maison has a history of choosing vibrant, naturally colourfulstones, combining diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts or even quartz with the different shades of gold. Hard, fine stones or materials such as lacquer, ceramic and motherof- pearl also adorn the Maison’s many creations.

Other characteristic features of FRED’s pieces include buckles, cables, cords and links, whether flexible or fixed, single or combined.

Finally, the Maison’s wish to make jewellery joyful, bringing pleasure and creativity to daily life, finds expression in the ability to mix and match stones and bracelets, such as with the Force 10 and Pain de Sucre collections respectively.