Force 10 bracelet 18k pink gold and diamonds medium model

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Medium model Multiple Force 10 bracelet in pink gold paved with brilliant-cut coloured stones.carat*/GVS

18k pink gold


Recharge your energy and vitality with the nine semi-precious stones in this new variation; the passion of ruby, the softness of pink sapphire, the balance of spessartite garnet, the energy of yellow sapphire, the vitality of tsavorite, the strength of emerald, the dynamism of topaz, the intuition of blue sapphire and the power of amethyst.

  • 35 rubies: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 pink sapphires: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 spessartite garnets: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 yellow sapphires: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 tsavorites: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 emeralds: 0.18 cts*.
  • 35 topazes: 0.25 cts*.
  • 35 blue sapphires: 0.25 cts*.
  • 37 amethysts: 0.18 cts*.

*The weight of the stones is an average value provided for reference purposes only.

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REF: 6J0214
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